Since 2014, the guys from Done [4] play, with their own distinct charm and style, music from the genres rock, pop, alternative and ballads. They tend to mix exotic elements like for example, punk or Dubstep into their songs. The common passion for music welded these four brothers together to a great creative bundle of energy.

The band rehearsals take place in the heart of Zurich. The soundproffed band room allows to play music at any time, day or night. Thus, nothing stands in the way of creating and enjoying music.


Drums, Cello, Backingvocals
Simon, aka Jay, had his first drum lessons at the age of ten. As a member of several orchestra, he got to know various percussion instruments among others the Marimbaphon and the timpany. At the end of 2014, he also decided to learn how to play the cello which still inspires him today. Beside his musical world, he is on his PhD in chemistry at ETH Zurich.


Guitar, Vocals, Piano
This dedicated musician has been playing guitar and other string instruments since his youth. He took up piano in the following few years. His electric guitar teacher, who from the beginning on encouraged and pushed him, was the starting point to his musical career. Apart from his music he has a Masters degree in sportsciences and otherwise also does a lot of sport.


(Deutsch) Schon früh packte Matthias die Musikbegeisterung. Der im Alter von 6 Jahren begonnene Violinenunterricht bildet dabei die Grundlage für seine weitere musikalische Entwicklung. Seit 2016 beschäftigt sich der promovierte Mikrobiologe mit den tiefen Tönen. Auf dem E-Bass fühlt er sich hierbei in vielen Stilen zuhause: Egal ob Rock, Jazz, Pop oder Funk, Matthias findet immer den richtigen Groove.

Former Members


Piano, Vocals, Guitar
Listening to classical music and singing on karaoke machines, his spectrum of music was very broad from a young age. At the age of six, he received piano lessons and, with a little help of teenage puberty, he moved on to rock music. He subsequently added the guitar, bass guitar, and the ukulele to his skillset. He practices them regularly to quench his thirst for performing. More recently, he has obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in International Hospitality Management.


Bass, Clarinet, Backingvocals
  Cédric has been playing clarinet passionately since primary school. After being part of a Jazz/Pop ensemble for several years he joined a film music orchestra. Sadly, he lost a little sight of playing music until he met Patrick. As a member of Done[4], he was then condemned to be the bass player. His other passions next to music, are the hospitality industry as well as ballroom dancing, which he both studies and teaches at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne.